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What to Do After a House Fire – Pt. 2

smoke detectorIn our last post, we showed you the first four steps toward getting your life back together after a fire. Here are four more tips from our insurance company in Peoria, AZ, to help you and your family recover from a house fire:

Create a List of Damage Items

Make a list of all of the items that were lost or damaged in the fire to ensure that your homeowners’ insurance policy will reimburse you. Some insurance carriers will require details like receipts and serial numbers. Unless these receipts were kept in a fire-proof safe, there is a chance you won’t be able to retrieve them. Try searching your online bank statements for proof of purchase.

Check on the Safety of Your Home

Fire can damage your home’s structural integrity and leave behind hazardous obstacles. Before returning to your home to recover any salvageable items, make sure the fire marshal has deemed it safe to enter your house. Entering your home too soon after a fire can be dangerous and can also void parts of your home insurance policy.

Save Undamaged Possessions

If your home has not been destroyed, and the fire marshal and your insurance carrier have declared it safe to enter, it is time to recover your possessions. If your home is still in decent shape, you can hire a professional to restore your home. If you need to move, or if it will be a while until you can live in your home, you may want to rent a storage unit for any items that you can salvage.

Don’t Turn on Utilities until it is Safe

When putting out a house fire, firefighters often turn off your utilities to prevent further damage to your home. You need to contact both the fire department and your utility provider to ensure that it is safe to turn them back on. To prevent additional fires, gas leaks, or water damage, call a professional to inspect your house before you restore your utilities.

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