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What to Do After a House Fire – Pt. 1

homeowners insurance in peoria azRecovering from a house fire is never easy, and it is easy to become overwhelmed. Here are some steps you can take to get yourself and your family through this terrifying experience and start putting your lives back together.

Find a Place to Say

Once the fire department has been notified, it is time to find a place to stay. Even if you can only find lodging for one night, it is essential that you do so. Once you have a place to sleep, you can gather your thoughts and plan your next move. If you can’t stay with friends or family, and you have no money for a hotel, reach out to the American Red Cross. They may be able to provide your family with free shelter.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Once you and your family have acquired shelter, you should call your insurance agent immediately. The sooner you file a claim on your homeowners’ insurance in Peoria, AZ, the sooner you can begin searching for a new home or repairing the damaged house.

Contact the Police

Empty homes are a beacon for thieves and squatters, so be sure to alert the local police. They can secure your home in your absence. If the fire department declares it safe, you should also board up your windows for added security. You can hire a professional to do this for you.

Plan Your Finances

Unfortunately, you cannot put your life on hold for a fire. You will still need to make sure your bills are getting paid on time while you rebuild your life. It is a smart idea to cancel services like cable, internet temporarilyalong with any streaming services you can’t use while you are unable to live in your home. You should also check what your insurance will and won’t cover so you can plan for repair costs.

These are just the first four steps to getting back on your feet after a house fire. Stay tuned for our next post, and get a quote on quality homeowners’ insurance today at (866) 241-9005.


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