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Important Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent

couple consulting an insurance agentYour insurance agency is a valuable resource when determining the coverage you require. Some questions to ask your insurance agent in Glendale, AZ, include:

I’m Remodeling My Home; Do I Need Extra Coverage?

If your home remodeling project will increase your home’s value or square footage, talk to your agent about additional coverage.

What Coverage Does A Home-Based Business Require?

Home-based businesses need to be prepared. Insurance should cover inventory, libel issues, and even customers visiting your home.

Should I Change My Insurance Because My Family Is Growing?

It’s a good idea to consider adding or changing your life insurance. When in place, it can help ease the financial effects of an unexpected death. Also, if you have teenagers, consider increased auto insurance.

What Coverage Should A Newly Graduated Student Obtain?

Students joining the workforce and leaving home are no longer covered by their parent’s policies for auto and homeowner’s insurance. Talk to an insurance agent about personal coverage. You’ll also want to consider life insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances.

Does My Insurance Protect Me From Being Sued After A Car Accident?

The short answer is not always. Although your policy already includes liability coverage, state minimums are usually inadequate. Your insurance agent can help you choose the right policy for you.

How Can I Save Money On Insurance?

Most insurers offer bundled coverage, so ask about streamlining your premiums with multiple policies to protect your car and home.



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