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Answers To Your Small Business Insurance Pandemic Questions

The coronavirus pandemic affected everyone, from individuals to large corporations, and small business owners were especially at risk for loss of revenue. Many insurance companies stepped up to assist where they could and were happy to field questions from concerned business owners.

Can I Get Small Business Insurance After A COVID-Related Loss?

The short answer is no. Just as you cannot get collision coverage after a car accident, you can’t buy small business insurance in Glendale, AZ, for a pre-existing business loss.

Can My Small Business Get a Discount or Payment Relief During the Pandemic?

At the start of the pandemic, many insurance companies offered discounts or payment relief to assist with the financial impact of state and federal restrictions. It is best to speak to your policyholder about your premiums if your business is struggling to meet payments.

Does My Policy Protect Me from Loss of Income Due to Closure or Reduced Foot Traffic?

Most business policies only cover physical damage to a building; however, you can purchase a communicable disease rider as additional coverage, but not after the fact.

What Business Insurance Should I Get for Coronavirus Coverage?

Although small business insurance doesn’t explicitly cover COVID-19, that may change. Currently, your best course of action is to adjust your business model to adapt to changing consumer habits, allow employees to work from home, implement safety precautions to limit exposure, and offer curbside pickup or delivery services.


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