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Top 3 Reasons to Get Life Insurance

young couple signing up for life insuranceIf you are not sure whether life insurance is right for you–think again. It’s a common thought, especially among not-so-young adults that are just starting their families. However, when that first child comes along, you’ll likely have the future on your mind. If you’re still undecided at that time, here are some common reasons cited by those who made the decision to get a policy:

  1. Life insurance can help mitigate debt. In the event that you pass away unexpectedly, your family will likely be responsible for any debt in your name. This can be a serious burden, especially for a partner that now has to proceed on their own. Life insurance in Glendale, AZ, can help pay off these debts and protect your family’s financial interests.
  2. Life insurance can help send your children to college. Many people save for their children’s college fees over the course of the kids’ lives. However, if you pass away suddenly, your kids may come up short when they get their first tuition bill. Some life insurance policies can be used to cover tuition and other college fees.
  3. Life insurance can help cover funeral expenses. The sad truth is that funerals tend to be rather expensive. Many families struggle to afford them. But with a life insurance policy through Henderson Anderson Insurance, your family can make arrangements without significant financial burden.

Preventing Car Theft

thief picking car lockThanks to modern advances in anti-theft technology, most people feel safe in assuming their vehicles are protected. But the truth is that criminals are always coming up with new workarounds, even as new anti-theft technology is released.

It’s important to remain vigilant and stay abreast of the latest trends in crime prevention so you can protect yourself and your property. Here are a few things to know about modern car theft:

It’s not random. If your car is broken into, it likely didn’t happen out of the blue. Many criminals examine their victims’ routines for lapses in attention. This helps them strike opportunistically. For example, if you tend to park your car in a dimly lit area, or routinely leave your wallet in plain view, a thief may observe this pattern and exploit it the day you happen to leave your car unlocked.

New Year’s Day is the most dangerous holiday. Of all holidays, New Year’s Day sees the most car thefts annually. Why? It likely has something to do with revelers leaving their cars parked in odd, out-of-the-way places after a long night of partying. Leave your car safely at home next year, or if you do drive, make sure you park in a safe place.

Auto insurance can help. Did you know that insurance can cover break-ins, stolen items, and even the value of your car? With the right auto insurance in Glendale, AZ, you can relax knowing you’re protected no matter what. Shop around for coverage that puts your mind at ease with the help of Henderson Anderson Insurance.


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