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What Can Your Commercial Insurance Cover?

Commercial insurance in Peoria, AZ, is one of the best products available to protect your business. It doesnt matter how big or small your company is or how long it has been in operation. Commercial insurance can help provide financial assistance in emergencies and sticky situations. But what exactly does commercial insurance cover? Here are the three main areas you can expect to see in commercial insurance coverage.

Stock and Equipment

Your business’s stock and equipment are protected by commercial insurance. If any of it is damaged, you can recover the lost value of these items. You can also protect the equipment used to make your products or whatever else you sell. Should the equipment run into problems, youre able to cover it with insurance.

Company Vehicles

Do you have vehicles for your business? General auto insurance does not cover these vehicles. However, commercial insurance does. Smart business owners have commercial insurance to cover their company vehicles.

Workers’ Compensation

If your employees are injured at work while performing their jobs, you’ll be happy you have commercial insurance. Youll need to take advantage of workers’ compensation insurance, and it’s legally required in many states. This insurance covers medical expenses incurred from work-related injuries.


Is Your Basic Home Insurance Enough?

Your homeowners’ insurance in Peoria, AZ, covers plenty of different things, but there are some situations not typically covered under a general home insurance plan that you can add-on to your coverage. Your insurance agent can help you determine which specific add-ons make the most sense for your needs. Here are the top three add-ons to homeowners’ insurance policies.

Underground Sewer Lines

Underground utility lines bring services to your home, but you are responsible for any damage that happens to the lines on your property as the homeowner. Whether the damage is caused by tree roots or the age of service lines, its not covered under general homeowners’ insurance. Adding this can be helpful if you live in an older property that may have dated systems.

Drain and Sewer Back-Up

If a municipal drainage system overflows, the water can back up into your home and cause significant flood damage, inconvenience, and health concerns. This damage can be expensive to repair, and adding this protection to your homeowners’ insurance can give you peace of mind.


Depending on the composition of the ground around your property, your home could be susceptible to sinkholes. If you add this type of endorsement to your homeowner’s insurance policy, then you wont have to face this expense on your own.


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