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What Your Insurance Covers During a Move

couple packing up their houseMoving is undoubtedly one of the most complex tasks a homeowner can face. It involves planning that rivals a military operation and sometimes requires almost as many people.

When you plan a move, one of the many questions you’re likely to have is, “What does my insurance cover during the move?” We’ve got the answer at Henderson Anderson Insurance, and we’ll share it with you here. Our team specializes in homeowners’ insurance in Peoria, AZ, and has provided this information to many customers. The central fact to know is that your insurance will cover losses for some of your belongings.

A homeowners’ insurance policy will generally cover your belongings inside and outside your home and in transit if you use professional movers. A moving company should also have insurance that covers other situations not included in your policy.

Interstate movers are required to offer liability coverage in three options: released value, full value, and separate liability. Released value provides minimal protection based on the item’s weight. Full value pays for the replacement cost. Separate liability goes beyond released value coverage by providing loss coverage above the minimal protection.

If you move yourself, contact your insurance agent to find out what’s covered in your policy and see if you need to extend your coverage. If you have any additional questions about insurance during a move, our team at Henderson Anderson Insurance is always happy to provide the answers.




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