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Should You Bundle Insurance Policies?

When you’re talking about insurance policies, “bundling” refers to purchasing multiple lines of coverage together, such as auto insurance, home insurance, and more. Contact your local insurance company in Peoria, AZ, to find out all the different policy types that you may bundle up and save some cash on. Here are some other considerations:


Almost all insurance companies offer a discount if you purchase combined insurance coverage from them. The amount of money you could save varies depending on the company and the products you choose to bundle. By choosing to bundle your policies with one insurance company, you could save 10% to 20% on each policy.


If you buy all your insurance policies from the same company, you will only have to deal with that one company, meaning fewer things for you to manage on your “to-do list.” It can certainly help make life admin easier for you and ensure that you get the best deal in the market.

Deductible Requirement

A “deductible” refers to the amount that you will have to pay when filing an insurance claim with your insurance company. You pay a deductible, and then your insurance company pays the rest of the expense up to the coverage limit. If you need to file a claim of $2,000 and your deductible is $500, then you would pay $500 and your insurance company would pay $1,500. By combining policies, your insurance company may accept one deductible for both your home and vehicle should both be affected by an accident.


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