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Is Your Home Safe from Pet Damage?

Including an animal companion in your life, no matter what the species, is a significant decision and new owners need to be aware of their responsibilities. Homeowners’ insurance in Peoria, AZ, doesn’t usually include coverage for damage done by your pet. However, you can take steps to protect your residence from too much attention from a bored dog or cat.

Make Your Match

The right pet can make all the difference, so be sure to research your options. Some animals require very little maintenance, and some require a lot. Knowing what to expect from your new friend is essential.

Daily Exercise

When it comes to dogs, the contrast between couch potatoes and high-intensity drive is significant, so knowing how much exercise they need is crucial.

Consistent Training

Consistency is key in just about everything, and training an animal is no different. Keeping your pet safe and your possessions undamaged starts with good behavioral habits.

Pet Proofing

Puppies and kittens get into everything. You can protect your furniture, garbage cans, and hazardous items from their curiosity with diligence and caution.

Crating & Confinement

Although putting your new friend in a crate may seem harsh, most pets actually feel more secure in a confined space. Crate-training your dog can go a long way to keeping them safe while you’re away.

Homeowners’ insurance won’t replace your electrical cords or prevent your pet from staining the rug. It’s up to you to ensure safe and healthy conditions for everyone’s peace of mind.


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