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Insuring Your Brand New Car

couple buying a new car Buying a new car is an exciting event, and once you make that financial commitment you want to protect your vehicle. The best way to do that is through auto insurance in Peoria, AZ.

At Henderson Anderson Insurance, we have the details a new car owner should know about insurance. Let’s take a closer look.

Not only do you want to cover your new car, truck, or SUV with auto insurance, but it’s also required by law. Each motor vehicle operated on the roads of Arizona must have liability insurance from a company authorized to conduct business in the state. Apart from the mandatory insurance requirements, you have other options to consider.

New vehicle replacement coverage will reimburse you the total value of the brand new car if it’s stolen or destroyed within one year of purchase. Loan and lease coverage provides money to cover the gap between the amount left on your loan and the vehicle’s depreciated value.

If you have a fantastic custom sound system in your new car, having audio-visual and custom equipment coverage protects you for the value of anything not installed by the factory or dealer. This also applies to items such as aftermarket wheels, lift kits, and paintwork.

OEM parts replacement coverage is an additional auto insurance element that will benefit you. It is added to your comprehensive and collision coverage to ensure you get factory parts for your car during accident repairs.


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